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Favorite Artists and 3D Links

3D Commune Great site for tutorials, store, downloads and submission galleries.
3D Shop Excellent galleries and forums.
3D Studio Galleries, tutorials, product reviews, downloads. The creators of Poser and Avatar. Tutorials, Galleries, Store and Lab Report.
CG Focus Articles, reviews, tutorials, freebies, books and forums.
Corey Ford Galleries The personal gallery of Corey Ford. Her Fine Art can be found on numerous sites. Highley Recommended!
Daz 3D Great store for 3d characters, galleries, downloads. One of my homes away from home!
Digital Artguide Fabulous resource if you are looking for Fine Art, Digital Art, Tools and Tutorial Links
Digital Artworks Quality artist submission galleries from all over the world. Recommended!
Digital Art Many 2D and 3D Galleries, tutorials and forums.
Digital Babes Japaneese Artist Kozaburo! He has a magic touch when it comes to poser hair and it's free!
Runtimedna Syyd and Colm's internet home. Fabulous site for tutorials, galleries, downloads and store at great prices.
Earth Curves The personal gallery of Will Kramer. Tutorials and Prints! Extremely talentend CG artist!
Gallery of 3D A huge selection of Art by artists from all over the world.
Infinitee Designs My dear friend Ralph Hawke Manis. There is nothing this site doesn't have, Galleries, tutorials, store, freebies, web design and a heart of gold!
Eni Oken A master in Photoshop, this site offers workshops, news, tips and tricks and some freebies.
Mangalo City A website featuring Manga and Fantasy Art. Excellent Artists! This site has class.
Mystic Realms I loved this site from the moment I saw it. Fantasy Art and stories to go along with it.
Planet 3D Galleries, wallpaper, tutorials, freebies and lots more!
Renderosity My home away from home. 2D and 3D submission galleries, loads of downloads, tutorials and store.
Poser Pros Everything you ever wanted to know about Poser but could never find on the net. How to's, tip and tricks and an extensive collection of tutorials.
Tribe Radio Very unique free Photoshop brushes and his poetry will bring you to your knees!
UV Mapper The home of Steve Cox and UV Mapper and UV Mapper Pro. Create your own texture templates using Steve's UV Mapper utility and it's free.




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